Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Top five breastfeeding dresses from the budget to the luxury

Breastfeeding fashion is a topic we could talk about until the cows come home.

We absolutely heart how much the industry has moved on from simple vest tops to gorgeous, luxury, stylish tops and dresses, which let you subtly nurse your baby while staying glam.

A few weeks back we enlisted the help of Emma Downie, owner and director of gorge breastfeeding and maternity fashion brand Milk & Mummy, and gave you some essential breastfeeding tips with our pick of breastfeeding tops.

However, with the weather getting warmer and events such as weddings becoming more popular we decided it was time to scour the virtual highstreet to find you the best breastfeeding dresses for that day in the park or summer wedding.

Below are our top five from the budget to the luxury.

Bea - Istanbul print breastfeeding dress, £95 Milk and Mummy

Kate Breasfeeding dress, £150 Peaks of London

When we first started out we told you all about how the Bibee dress worked. Now the brand is developing its designs and we heart this new maxi dress £175, which and comes with a plain round-neck black Bibee. It is worn here with a Limited Edition Butterfly Print V-Neck Bibee £50

Bretton stripe breastfeeding dress, Jojo Maman Bebe, £29

Black Nursing Dress, £38, Mamas and Papas


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