Friday, 12 April 2013

How to choose a nursing bra and our picks of the best glam and luxury ones on the market

Picking a nursing bra can be a mindfield.

As your bump grows so will your breasts, which is great news for your cleavage, but not so good if you're a first time mum confused about how to get the best ursing bra fit.

And once baby arrives and your milk comes in it's more than likely you'll see more growth.

It's therefore advisable to wait until the last few weeks of your pregnancy before you decided to buy a nursing bra.

When it's time, it's essential to visit a store that offers professional measuring, as well as opt for a bra that is simple to unfasten and open and close easily for when baby needs a feed.

Cups should open wide enough to give your little one space to feed, while also providing enough room for you to be comfortable when they are closed to prevent squashing and potential blocking of your milk ducts.

Opting for a nursing bra with hook and eye fastenings as well as wide shoulder straps will also ensure added ease and comfort.

And then there comes the style. Thankfully nursing bras have come a great way from the dull and boring designs that may have looked more fitting on your nan, with a range of companies offering sexy and glam designs that won't look out of place in your luxury lingerie drawers.

If the pennies will allow, we advise buying at least two or three of these, or compromise and opt for one alongside two more simple designs that will suit a tighter budget.

We've tracked down some of the best sexy nursing bras on the market.

See the gallery below for our faves.

Chic nursing bra, £37.94, Hotmilk

Elle Macpherson Intimates Maternity Cloud Swing Lace Nursing Bra
£40, Asos

Panache Sophie Nursing Bra, £29, Figleaves

Freya dark pink 'Rosie' nursing bra, Debenhams, £34

Tutti frutti spot nursing bra, £35 Amoralia

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