Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Maternity fashion analysis: Kate Middleton vs Kim Kardashian. Vote and let us know who you think dresses their bump better.

There seems to be a baby boom amongst celebrities at the moment with some of our faves sporting bumps in a range of maternity fashions.

Two of the most high profile are of course Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian who have both been taking up fashion inches for  very different reasons.

The Duchess of Cambridge, who has been spotted showing off her baby bump in a range of classic styles, has been praised for her demure maternity fashion, while Kim Kardashian who has opted for leather skirts and peplum trousers, has been shot down for her mistakes.

On the face of it, many would be quick to say Kate wins the maternity fashion war, but, we aren't inclined to agree.

Like her style before she became pregnant, Kate has stuck to simplicity and
classic pieces, while also giving a nod to her recycling roots. And most of the time she's been photographed in a coat. She was spotted in a blue embellished coat in Baker Street Underground in March, while her Goat Regrave Coat covered her Topshop contrast collar dress at the Coat, Child Bereavement UK HQ, in the same month. For St Patrick's Day she opted for another coat- this time by Emilia Wickstead, and a Pink Joseph coat completed her look at the Cheltenham races.

Of course it would be unfair for us to judge soley on this, after all we know it hasn't been the warmest weather, and Kate has been spotted browsing the rails of Seraphine Maternity, where she apparently admired a lightweight jersey dress with a stretchy empire line cut and butterfly sleeves as well as buying a non-maternity floral dress from a Topshop concession. But, like the Max Mara wrap dress she showed her bump off in earlier this year, these styles are all very Kate.

And it seems her growing bump hasn't encouraged her to be a little bit more playful with her style.

Kim Kardashian on the other hand has had plenty of fun with her maternity fashion.

She may not have always got it right,  a few examples of her faux pas being the leather skirt she recently squeezed into and the peplum trousers she opted for earlier this year, not to mention the monochrome dress that looked more tent than tunic, however, at least she's had fun with her bump and embraced her curves.

And when she's got it right, we're afraid to say she blown Kate's maternity style out of the water. This weekend she showed off her curves in a gorgeous Valentino red lace dress, as well as skinny jeans and a lace top. She may be in warmer climes but, take note Kate, there's not been a coat in site.

Who do you think has the best maternity fashion? Vote below and let us know.
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