Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Top five on-trend flat shoes for the later stages of your pregnancy

When I was pregnant the one incident that sticks firmly in my mind was when I decided to go to a business meeting at seven months.

Wanting to channel the smart trend I opted for a pair of midsized heels to go with my tweed dress, but what should have been an enjoyable day turned into a disaster when I experienced the dreaded feet swelling.

Walking down the Kings Road, I was struck down with pain in my toes, which was far worse than the morning sickness I'd experienced at the beginning stages of my pregnancy, and my leisurely stroll turned into a hobbling  nightmare and an expensive emergency stop at the first shoe shop to buy a pair of hideous flats.

Although my saviour shoes are now sitting unused at the back of my wardrobe, I learnt an important lesson that day - heels for a prolonged time at seven months pregnant just don't work.

A style expert at Kate Kuba agreed, telling Does My Bump Look Good in This: "We would suggest avoid high heels  and opt for comfort as well as style."

Thankfully the fashion world has moved along from boring flats, with a range of great alternatives to heels.

The flatform, which is hot this season, is a great way to stay on trend and stay comfortable, while the iconic penny loafer, once channelled by Audrey Hepburn, has made its way from the fashion wings onto the highstreet shelves.

Below are a few of our faves from the virtual highstreet.

Gibbran, £130, Pied a Terre

Leopard Print Flatforms, £49.99, Kate Kuba

Polka Dot ballet pump, Oasis at Asos

Stud ballet pump, Topshop

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