Friday, 26 October 2012

Pebble UK offers fashionable maternity support tights

In the past when we heard the words "support tights", we were filled more with images of grannies rather than fashion fun.

However, let's get a little bit serious for a second and think about what these actually mean when you're pregnant or just had your little bundle of joy. 

According to Pebble UK, which has been in the support tights business for 12 years, products such as these are a great way to prevent and help swollen ankles and or varicose veins, as long as they come with the correct mmHG measurement, which is a gradual pressure that is present in the hosiery, from most at the ankle to least at the top of the legs, that will help improve blood circulation.

The company is trying to move the products away from their granny reputation, offering a range of fashionably coloured opaques, sheers and footless tights.

Some even have anti-cellulite functions - that's got our vote-  textured massaging soles, comfortable baby grow pouches and shaping tops.

Keeping healthy has never been so fashionable.

See the gallery below for a few of the styles offered by the company.

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