Wednesday, 6 March 2013

High waisted knicker options for after that C-Section

Picking the right knickers for after that c-section is essential for ensuring you remain comfortable while your scar is healing.

You need a pair that will sit over your scar, not roll down, and maybe look nice too.  

While some women may choose to steal their other halves' boxers in a bid to stay comfy, there is another option, and that's the trusty high waisted design.

That's right, the style known as the "granny knicker" comes to the rescue here as it sits well over your scar. Because many of these briefs are made of cotton they will  also let your scar breathe. 

Buying a size or two up means you'll stay comfy in case of any post-op swelling, while purchasing a multipack from the supermarket or highstreet stores often  results in these working out cheaper than those disposable knickers, meaning you can spend your left over pennies on something a little bit more luxurious.

We've had a little gander to find you some high waisted knicker options from the plain to the little bit more stylish.

These cute knickers, £8, Gap, may not be cheapest in the brief box but the loose fabric is great for getting air to your scar. We also heart the polka dot design.  .


We heart these floral briefs from the trusty BHS, coming in at £10 for a pack of three.

Marks and Spencer also comes up trumps with its simple 5 pack of high waisted knickers for £5.

While these maternity lace shorts, £12, Figleaves aren't technically "high waisted" they are a fab option for a few weeks after your section, and will also stretch to fit.

 Playtex three pack, £11.50, Figleaves

As we've already said, style probably won't be at the top of your list, but we just couldn't resist mentioning these cute briefs from Marks and Spencer - we are afterall a fashion site.

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