Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sites we love: Isabella Oliver World maternity fashion

We all know that maternity fashion can be hard to get right.

You've gone from having your pick of the highstreet rails, to having to find that look that suits you and your growing bump.

Not only is this why we've launched, but also something fashion brand Isabella Oliver has been working on. 

The maternity arm of the company, which is a fave for pregnant celebs,  earlier this year launched Isabella Oliver World, an online ‘destination’ where women can live and breathe style during pregnancy.

Coming from a designer point of view the site gives pregnant women all over the world a chance to learn about the Art of Pregnancy style.

Baukjen de Swaan Arons, Founder and Creative Director at Isabella Oliver said earlier this year: “After eight years of dressing pregnant women, we wanted to share everything that we have learnt and provide support to women in one of the most beautiful times in their lives.

"Isabella Oliver World was conceived as an idea over a year ago and I am so excited to see it become available for women to enjoy.”

With Isabella Oliver World and Does My Bump Look Good in This, you're sure to be the belle of any bump ball.

Yes, we know, we do spoil you.

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