Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Bibee launches dress with changeable breastfeeding tops

Breastfeeding is an amazing and natural way to bond with your newborn baby, but for many it does nothing for their relationship with fashion.

While we may all dream about having that fantastic stylish wardrobe, the reality is that outfits are often splattered with milk.

Although there are a great range of breastfeeding pieces available, Bibee is going that extra step to help new mums maintain their sense of style.

It's launched the Bibee Dress, which has changeable "bibs" or tops, meaning that stain or new mark can be changed immediately.

The removable Bibee Bib is designed to open at one side, allowing breast-feeding mums the
opportunity to subtly feed when out and about. Attached by buttons on the shoulders and under the arms, it is also claimed to cover the areas most susceptible to stains, such as the shoulders and chest, and can be easily removed and replaced.

Creating a capsule wardrobe, this design is great for avoiding last minute ‘what to wear’ dilemmas and gives hassle-free access for breast-feeding.

Bibee Bibs come in a range of designs and colours, and can be worn with any Bibee

Bibee Dresses including a matching Bibee Bib start at  £175.00 with individual Bibee Bibs from £40.00.

The Bibee Bib range includes designs incorporating flowers, birds, jewellery and more. Bibee T-shirts are also available to sit underneath the Bibee Dress  for £40.

The dresses went on sale for the first time at The Baby Show last weekend and on-line sales will launch shortly.

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